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Webb Medical's low-cost, patented solution to fast and accurate CT biopsy and drainage procedures: The Fast Find Grid. Convenient and streamlined, hundreds of hospitals worldwide depend on The Fast Find Grid for ensuring every needle localization is efficient and precise.


Copy of Testimonials

Trusted by doctors all over the world, The Fast Find Grid is used regularly by hospitals such as Sacred Heart Medical Center, INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital, University of Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, and University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. Lauded for its ease of use and efficiency in conducting accurate, fast CT biospy and drainage procedures, read why medical professionals trust and rely on The Fast Find Grid.

The grid is a useful and inexpensive method of expediting CT localization for biopsy or draining procedures. It allows the work, in large part, to be done by the CT technologist, saving the radiologist time. The porous material is an excellent idea allowing the skin site to be marked through the grid and the grid lines are spaced to avoid confusing right from left. The grid construction has obviously been well designed. Anything that can save the hospital time and money is well worth a look.
— Geof A. LeBolt, M.D., Fair Oaks Hospital, Virginia
The ease of the grid is its greatest advantage; we have increased our efficiency and accuracy in all of our C.T. guided needle biopsy.
— K. Ramprasad, M.D Sacred Heart Medical Center, Pennsylvania
I recently had the opportunity to use your product to localize a liver mass for CT-guided fine needle biopsy. The features of flexibility and ability to adhere and conform to the skin were particularly useful and facilitated a biopsy that required the patient be in the decubitus position.
— Barbara Braffman, M.D. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
I am writing to you on behalf of the Chest and Abdominal Imaging sections of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Department of Radiology. We have used your grid for CT guided biopsies over the last six months. All of us are impressed with the product. The grid lines are appropriately spaced and the skin can be marked easily through the grid fabric, without having to use any parts. We find the grid easier to use than the standard taped needle array we’ve used in the past.
— Barbara P. Biber, Assistant Professor of Radiology University of Massachusetts